Hervé Brisepierre

Contemporary Artist - Designer - Sculptor



          Hervé Brisepierre is a french artist born in Casablanca where he spent his first years, HB. then discovers France at the age of eight never fully forgetting his nostalgea for a country that initiated his childhood dreams. Inspired by colours and smells, craftsmanship and contrasting landscape, he finds an unending source of inspiration.


After having explored landscape design, and worked with industrial materials; his accute sense of observation, coupled with an intrinsic respect for nature, leads him to his present means of expression.


His element is wood - this piece he works on that evokes the tree's life, the very fibre that describes the turn of the wind, the sun, rain and the density of the seasons; the passing incidents of hollowing out and moulding of the trunk.


Hervé like to say that he does not work wood "the wood works me, I am its vehicle, I encrust myself in its wounds".


Far from working to level out and planning the wood, Hervé transforms and sets the remains of the past with sensitivity-the inlay is associated and works with the strange past each plank reveals whilst it is being worked with.


HB.'s imagination is let loose and is also overcome by the alchemy.