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Hervé Brisepierre


            Born in 1953 in Casablanca where he spent his first years, Hervé discovers France at the age of eight at the same time revealing his nostalgia for a country that had initiated his childhood dreams.


Inspired by colours, aromas, the abundance of vegetation, the contrasting landscape, Hervé finds a deep and unending source of inspiration. A gifted draughtsman looking for his way in life, he falls out with his father and throws himself into landscape architecture. He goes onto Harvard one of the best universities of its kind and pursues a new found passion for philosophy.


Having investigated several things, he discovers his love for wood, and chooses to follow it as his means of expression. He throws himself into this manuel work, taking over his wife's woodshop to her despair. Inspiring himself on his marrocan memories, where the craftmanship is very strong with their respect for materials and nature, where wood is worked, earth is shaped, stone carved and metal forged, he creates and invents a whole other definition of his craft. In this country where the five senses are questioned and reflected upon he draws out a deep sense of observation and sharpened curiousity.


His element is wood-this piece he works on that evokes the tree's life, the very fibre that describes the turn of the wind, the sun, rain and the density of the seasons; the passing incidents of hollowing out and moulding of the trunk.

Hervé like to say that he does not work wood "the wood works me, I am its vehicle, I encrust myself in its wounds".

Far from working to level out and planning the wood, Hervé transforms and sets the remains of the past with sensitivity-the inlay is associated and works with the strange past each plank reveals whilst it is being worked with.


HB.'s imagination is let loose and is also overcome by the alchemy.

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